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Dev Blog #4

Hello everyone.  Another couple of weeks have passed by, which means that it’s time for another dev blog.

Touch Controls:
Touch controls have been added to the game.  You can now control the game with relative ease using these touch controls.  However, this will mainly be for Windows 10 devices for now.  Here’s a video about it:
Video Link

Dev Blog #3

Hello everyone,
It's about that time again for another dev blog.  We've been hard at work on Cytopia and we have completed lots of new content lately!


One of the most annoying things in the latest tech preview build was, that all buttons in the build menu could be active at the same time. This must have looked like a bug to some of you, but actually it was a missing feature!

Our custom UI didn’t feature exclusive button groups until now.

Dev Blog #2

Hello everyone.
It has been a couple of weeks, which means it's time for another dev blog.  I guess we'll be going into depth a lot more from now on, so these will probably get quite a bit longer, but I'm sure some of you people out there will enjoy the detail.



Great News, everyone! MB22 joined our team and will create awesome music and soundeffects for Cytopia henceforth!…

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Random Download: Templates

17th March 2019

Here are some basic template for you to use.  Feel free to do so without asking for my permission.  They are just templates after all.

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