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Q -Is this game related to TheoTown?

A - No. Despite the graphics, Cytopia is not made by or endorsed by the developers of TheoTown.

Q - Does this game use any graphics from TheoTown? Also, why did you use a very similar graphical style as TheoTown?

A - The game does not use any graphics or assets from TheoTown (or at least, it shouldn't). Everything in Cytopia is original. As for why we used the same style as TheoTown, that's because I (Kingtut) had a lot of custom textures for TheoTown plugins lying around, and I wanted to use them in this game to save time and to increase the amount of buildings in the game. However, despite all of this, I'll try my best to make the art from Cytopia different in some way from TheoTown, such as adding rectangle buildings (ex 1x3, 2x4, etc), for example.

Q - Where can I download the game?

A - For now, you can download the game on it's GitHub page: https://github.com/JimmySnails/IsometricEngine

Q - Will modding be available for this game?

A - Yes. You will be able to modify most parts of this game, which means you can add or delete buildings, change sprites, and even change things like the UI layout, as it is based on json files.

Q - Is Cytopia free?

A - Yes, the game is open source and licensed under GPLv3.

Q - Can I join the team or contribute to the project (Dev, Musician, etc)

A - Of course. Join our Discord server or make a post here about it to do so.

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