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This will be a short tutorial about how you should name your images for Cytopia.  Here is the basic naming scheme that I use:

(building type)_(size of the building)_(number of rotation frames (when applicable))_(name of the building)

So something like this skyscraper
Would be called res_3x3_RedSkyScraper

If it had 4 rotation frames, it would be called

Why should I use this naming scheme?
You should use it so your textures stay easy to find.  This may help if you are trying to find a specific texture.  It also allows you to easily tell what the building does at a glance.

I often use abbreviations for the building type, so here is a list of them:
-residential (res)
-commercial (com)
-industrial (ind)
-road (road)
-path (path)
-power (pow)
-water (wat)
-fire department (fire)
-police department (police)
-park (park)

Those are just some of the more common building types.  You may notice that some of them don't have an abbreviation.  That's because I felt like it wasn't necessary.  

Also, the "RF" in "RF4" stands for Rotation Frames and the number relates to the number of rotation frames.  Keep in mind that variation frames and rotation frames are NOT the same.

It is also recommend that you add your initials to the end of the file name to signify who made it.

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