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This tutorial will teach you how to use texture sheets.

Texture sheets are big squares that are filled up with patterns or designs, such as bricks, concrete, or wood.  These are very helpful while making buildings because it removes the need to create custom textures for every single building.  They also make it easier to texture a building.  

How to create texture sheets:

1) Find a design you like.  This could be something from some random Google image, or something you made yourself.

2) Take your design and convert it into the scale needed for Cytopia.  This means that your design should probably be pretty low resolution.

3) Finally, crop down your design so it's about 40x40p.  Make sure it's a completely filled up square.  This should be plenty of texture to work with.

How to use your texture sheets

If you would like to see a short video about this, click here.

Here's my written tutorial:

GIMP Tutorial

1) Load in your texture sheet

2) Highlight it and copy it

3) Go back to your building and select the paint bucket tool.  Then change the "fill type" to "pattern fill"

4) Select the option to use the pattern on your clipboard

5) Use the paint bucket tool on any surface you wish to texture

Pixly Tutorial

1) Copy your texture sheet

2) Go to your building and create a new layer

3) Paste your texture sheet on this new layer.

4) Select the area you wish to apply the texture to.

5) Copy it from the texture sheet layer

6) Paste away!  

This may sound confusing, but the video tutorial I included above should help show you what to do if you don't understand.

I make the art for Cytopia and occasionally upload to YouTube.
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