Dev Blog #10

Welcome back, readers!  After a couple of months without a dev blog, the time has come for Dev Blog #10.  

WASD Panning:
You can now move the camera around using WASD.  It's a small, but useful change that I'm sure some of you will enjoy.

OST Available on YouTube:
Cyctopia's full OST is now available on YouTube!  It features all four tracks made for the game so far, and it'll be updated as new ones are added.  You can find a playlist for our OST here.
FireShot Capture 228 - (12) Cytopia OST - YouTube -

Music Changes/Additions:
There have been some new additions and changes regarding music in Cytopia.  Music tracks should repeat about every five minutes, and music has finally been added to the main menu.  On top of that, you should be able to hear the calming sounds of nature in the background while you listen to the new sounds added to button presses.

Graphics News:
There are several new buildings in the works right now, including billboards, prison buildings, and several new items for the Crystal Forest biome.  Other buildings have also been finished, including lots of new RCI buildings and some tent decorations.
We also have a new member of the artist team, PenangLion1016!  He's really good at making skyscrapers, so I'm sure you'll see a few of his creations grazing the sky in the near future.


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