Dev Blog #20

New Tree Type:
I have recently added oak trees to Cytopia based on some art RockFort made. In addition, I have also changed the map generation so it includes poplar, pine, birch, and oak trees! These changes are already live, so you should see them when you update the game.

Work-in-Progress Art Assets:
I am currently working on changing the look of the large rocks so they better suit the environments they'll appear in. Additionally, I am making several additions and changes to the flora system. Bushes and flowers will be getting more colors through our magic pixels systems, and the lily pads will be getting three more variations. In addition, I will be adding wild wheat and sugarcane to the game. These changes aren't quite ready yet, so expect to see them in a month or two!

New TileData Editior:
Our lead developer, SimplyLiz, has been working on a new tiledata editor for Cytopia. This will make the process of adding new items to the game much easier. Once the tool is finsihed, I will try to add all of the new buildings the game has been missing for the past year.

Language Select and More UI Progress:
The dev team has been hard at work creating a in-game language selection menu. Below is a work-in-progress screenshot. In addition, Ercadio had completed part one of his UI overhaul, which includes many new features. You can read his GitHub PR about it here.

Major Bug Fixed:
We have recently fixed a bug that could cause the game to close if you were playing on Linux. A misspelled file name was the root of this problem.


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