Dev Blog #7

New Slider:
A new slider for the UI has been made by one of our developers, Liz.  Although it's not used for much now, it'll be useful in the future for things like terrain generation selection.

New Ground Types:
There's a new terrain type: mud!  It goes well with the dirt and soil we have.  And of course, it'll be used in map generation once we get that feature done.  On top of that, we also have new gravel and snow terrain types, which might look nice for a quaint mountain-side village.

We also have new ground decos.  Mudstone, stone bricks, and four varieties of sandstone will be available once the ground deco feature is added.

New Flora Tiles:
Another thing I got done with recently was making some extra flora tiles for things like trees, cacti, and lilypads.  Once map generation is finished, you'll be seeing tons of plant varieties in your world!

New Art Tutorial:
There is now a new tutorial about when you should or shouldn't use anti-aliasing when making art for Cytopia.  You can find this tutorial here

Jimmy Snails is Stepping Down:
Our previous Lead Developer, Jimmy Snails, will be stepping down from his position.  From now on, Ercadio will be our Lead Developer.  Everyone wish him good luck!

And as always, the rest of the graphics team has been hard at work making new RCI textures for the game.  Personally, I can't wait to see them in-game!


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