Dev Blog #9

A Lifetime Behind Bars:
It's finally Spooktober and what a better way to celebrate it than to add the scariest thing of all time to the game.  Bats?  Zombies? Skeletons?  Of course not!  The scariest thing we could imagine was a lifetime of sadness in prison.  Cytopia now has some prison pieces for you to play around with, although it lacks proper functionality at the moment.  

There is also a new prison fence that you can find in the road category.  They'll remain there for the time being until we can improve the way functionality is given to buildings.

WIP Hydroelectric Dam:
What would a good city sim be without lots of green power options?  A dirty one, that's for sure.  That's why I decided to create a modular hydroelectric dam.  It's still a WIP though, so it hasn't been added to the game just yet.

3D Audio in the Master Branch:
Thanks to adct23, 3D audio made its way onto Cytopia's master branch in early September.  The option to use it can be changed by JSON, and an OpenAL Soft installation is required to use it.

Other News:
As usual, the graphics team has made even more fantastic RCI buildings, which should be present in the game now.


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