Cytopia v0.2.1 Released

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===Cytopia v0.2.1 Changelog:===

  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when the terrain was elevated and an in-between tile was created.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the line placement mode.
  • Added a preview for buildings that are bigger than 1x1.
  • When placing buildings bigger than 1x1, the placement is now correctly checked.
  • Added support for diagonal roads.
  • Pressing ESC now stops the tile-placement mode.
  • Added shorelines.
  • Added two new fantastic soundtracks by MB22.
  • Added three different selection modes; single, rectangular, and line. The mode is chosen automatically for the right tiles.
  • Added RCI zone tiles by RockFort.
  • Added a blueprint layer mode. When placing water pipes, the game switches to this blueprint mode automatically.
  • Roads of different types now won't autotile to each other.
  • Holding down the SHIFT key will use straight line placement mode instead of the diagonal line placement mode.
  • Holding down the CTRL key will place straight road corners instead of diagonal ones.
  • Added De-Zone tool - Hold down SHIFT key while in demolish mode.
  • Added a tool to remove ground decoration only. - Hold down CTRL key while in demolish mode.
  • Added panning for both WASD and the arrow keys.
  • Fixed a bug in autotiling.
  • Added new trees and other biome-related graphics and prepared biome JSON information for further terrain generation improvements.
  • Changed how road spritesheets are handled. Now the tiles are used from a single spritesheet instead of having "default" tiles in an extra spritesheet.
  • Added a "tileType" property to define certain behaviors, like "autotile" instead of handling this via tileCategory.
  • Items can now be placed over certain items, like trees, without deleting them first.
  • Added a property to allow placement of tiles on water
  • Added ground decoration tiles, that can be placed on a seperate layer underneath buildings.
  • Added a json property to define multiple ground decoration tiles that will be chosen randomly on placement
  • Opening the settings menu now hides the category UI.
  • The UI can be hidden for screenshots by pressing the H key.
  • Fixed the UI text alignment in ComboBoxes.
  • Added subcategory buttons to the debug menu to show more buildings.
  • Centered UI items if they would normally go off the screen.
  • Right-click will no longer trigger a UI interaction.
  • Screen resolution can now be changed in-game.
  • The UI menu position can now be changed in-game.


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