Dev Blog #1

This will be the first dev blog of what will eventually (and hopefully) be many.  Here I'll talk about some behind-the-scenes stuff and I'll try to keep everyone up to date with our progress on Cytopia, while keeping it as brief as I can.  I plan on doing these bi-weekly, but we'll have to see if we have enough new information to do so.  Anyway, on with the blog…

On the development side of things, we are working on save games and map generation.  We're also also being helped by some new team members, utilForever and galegosimpatico.  Another feature we're working hard on is the UI.  Our plan is to modify the game so new buildings are automatically added to the UI.  Currently, this must be done manually.

On the art side of things, I have been working on reformating the terrain system with brand new graphics and standardized frames for all slopes.  This should make creating slope-related textures much easier for me and any other graphics artists in the future.  Also, all of the natural ground tiles now have finished  shoreline frames.  I have also been working on new items to add to map generation, like pine trees, mushrooms, and more.  I have plans to begin working on power lines, water pipes, and more decoration options in the future. I have also been recently joined by folesnaid, who is busy making new RCI tiles for the desert biome.

In other news:
-We have two awesome new music tracks for Cytopia, made by MB22.
-A bot is being set up for the Discord Server
-We got our website up and running (Your on it right now)
-We have new pixel art tutorials


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