Dev Blog #11

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a happy holidays! Since last month, we've been hard at work on v0.3, so there are many new things to talk about.
32 bit Build:
A new 32 bit version of the game is now available for those of you on older or less powerful machines that don't support 64 bit programs.
WIP Features/Changes:
Several new features and changes are being developed at this time, including RCI zoning, map improvements, and a new UI. These changes will help make the game more stable and set it up for feature gameplay features. Changes to the 3D audio have also been made to create a more comfortable experience. Songs are played in stereo, and sound effects are played in 3D spatialized audio.
New Decorations for the Holidays:
Although the time for these events has passed at this point, new Christmas trees and presents have been made to celebrate the holidays. The trees were decorated by several members of the team, so each one is unique in it's style and presentation.

New Biome Items:
Several new items have been made for biomes that'll be added in the feature.  All of the assets for the rare Crystal Jungle biome are now done, and some destroyed trees for the wasteland biome have been finished as well.

New Pedestrians:
Lots of new pedestrians textures have been made for the game.  They include snowboarders, skateboarders, skiers, people of sleds, dirt-bikers, snowmobilers, and people of ATVs.  Although they aren't in the game yet, they'll add some life to the great outdoors once they've been added.


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