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Dev Blog #25

Finally, Zones:
At last, zones now spawn buildings, allowing you to generate random neighborhoods with ease. There's also a handy dezoning tool located in the bulldozer category. Although it's a very rudimentary implementation, it will serve as a good start for future updates. In fact, there are several other "under the hood" changes that are preparations for zone demand, power, and water systems.

Dev Blog #24

Hello everyone! In this dev blog, I'd like to show off some of the new assets our graphics artists have been working on. This isn't a comprehensive list, it's just an overview of their notable recent work. Enjoy!

Prison Buildings:
Recently, Hadestia donated some of their prison buildings to the project. They include an admissions office, mess halls, busses, cells, and concrete walls. Here are a handful of the…

Dev Blog #23

Tons of New Content:
Since summer began, I've been working on importing all of RockFort's assets into Cytopia. This was one of the biggest projects I've ever done for Cytopia, and I hope you enjoy all of the new buildings! However, the UI may make it difficult to access many of the buildings, so I apologize for that. Here's a quick list of the most interesting additions:

  • Small garden park
  • Clusters

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Random Download: Templates

17th March 2019

Here are some basic template for you to use.  Feel free to do so without asking for my permission.  They are just templates after all.

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Cytadel Tower

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