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Dev Blog #7

New Slider:
A new slider for the UI has been made by one of our developers, Liz.  Although it's not used for much now, it'll be useful in the future for things like terrain generation selection.

New Ground Types:
There's a new terrain type: mud!  It goes well with the dirt and soil we have.  And of course, it'll be used in map generation once we get that feature done.  On top of that, we also…

New Lead Developer

It pains me to say that our Lead Developer, Jimmy Snails, will be stepping down from his position.  

Ercadio will be our new Lead Developer from now on.

However, thanks to our new team of developers, Cytopia will continue to be developed and worked on, so don't worry about our project getting abandoned or anything anytime soon!

Dev Blog #6

Another two weeks, another dev blog.  Sorry about this one being late.  I haven't had the ability to write this until now.

Recently, we have started to work on localization for Cytopia!  As of right now, I believe there are quite a few languages being worked on, but I'm sure that the number of languages we'll support will only grow with time.

Ambient Sounds:
Since the…

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Random Download: Templates

17th March 2019

Here are some basic template for you to use.  Feel free to do so without asking for my permission.  They are just templates after all.

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