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Dev Blog #13

Version 0.2 of Cytopia has been Released:
After nearly one year since the last major version, 0.2 has finally been released! It brings with it a slew of improvements and changes, including new UI icons, better grass and water textures, linetools, and more. Check out the changelog for more info.

unknown (1).png

Cytopia v0.2 "The Map Update" Changelog

    Nearly one year in the making, it’s Cytopia version 0.2! This update has been deemed “The Map Update” in reference to the new procedural terrain generation system and the big improvements to grass and water tiles. That’s not all of course. Several new features and additions have made their way into this update as well, including new music tracks, a linetool for roads, camera panning, user interface improvements, and more!…

Dev Blog #12

Welcome back, readers! We've been working on some improvements to the game in preparation for v0.2 and v0.3 this month, with more improvements to come.

New Music Track:
A new music track named "January's Theme" has been made by our Sound Designer, MB22. You can listen to it, and all of our tracks, here.

UI Improvements and New Menus:
The developers have been working on improving Cytopia's UI…

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Random Download: Cytopia v0.1.1 tech preview Windows

16th March 2019


  • Save / Load Game functionality (including ZLib compression)
  • macOS support
  • TileDate Editor
    • Automatically calculate TileSize if count is changed
    • Added scrollbars if the preview image is bigger than the preview window
    • Fixed a crash when changing category of a tile
  • New Soundtrack made by MB22
  • Reformated the terrain system with brand new graphics and standardized frames for all slopes by KingTut 101.
  • A lot of code quality improvements

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