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Dev Blog #16

Hello everyone and welcome back to another dev blog! Lately, we've been working on some cool new tiles for the game and we've been discussing how to implement certain gameplay features. Admittedly, things have been a bit slow this month, but we hope to pick things up again soon!

A brand new plant has been made for Cytopia! It's long, green, and handsome. It is none other than the famous bamboo plant!

Dev Blog #15

Android Port:
After a lot of time (and much frustration on the developers’ parts), we have finally begun to port Cytopia to Android! We’ve managed to get the game running, however, there are still many issues to fix and features to add. Therefore, it’ll stay in private development until we are satisfied with the state of the game. Don’t worry if you play on another platform other than PC and Android though.

Cytopia v0.2.1 Released


===Cytopia v0.2.1 Changelog:===

  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when the terrain was elevated and an in-between tile was created.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the line placement mode.
  • Added a preview for buildings that are bigger than 1x1.
  • When placing buildings bigger than 1x1, the placement is now correctly checked.

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Random Download: Cytopia v0.1 tech preview Windows

2nd March 2019
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This is a pre-alpha tech demo.

Changelog v0.1

  • Added a Qt based tool to edit TileData JSON File (by Kollix)
  • A lot of new buildings by Kingtut 101 and Pineapples Trix
  • Placement of buildings (Power, Water, Debug, ...)
  • Support tilemaps and improved tilemanagement
  • Camera panning (hold down right mouse button)
  • Added a background image for image buttons.
  • highlight mouse over tile when in edit/placement mode
  • Added window and desktop icons
  • Performanc

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