Dev Blog #15

Android Port:
After a lot of time (and much frustration on the developers’ parts), we have finally begun to port Cytopia to Android! We’ve managed to get the game running, however, there are still many issues to fix and features to add. Therefore, it’ll stay in private development until we are satisfied with the state of the game. Don’t worry if you play on another platform other than PC and Android though. We are likely to port the game to other operating systems in the future. If you’d like to see the game running on Android, take a look at this video made by me:

New Ground Deco Functionality:
Have you ever noticed how some buildings have transparent bases that show the grass tile underneath them? Well, our new feature aims to change that! Ground deco is similar to terrain tiles in the sense that they are placed on a layer underneath buildings. In the future, most buildings will have these custom-made ground decos placed underneath after they are built. This will create a lot more variation in your city! For example, most industrial buildings will have concrete ground deco placed underneath them. Each building can have multiple ground deco types defined, which allows for more building variations. This new feature has many components, so I’ve made a list of them here:
  • A new JSON property called “groundTileDecoration” (string array) can be used to define which ground deco types a building should use.
  • A random ground deco type will be chosen and placed beneath a building if more than one ground deco type is specified.
  • Demolishing a building will also demolish its ground deco.
  • Ground decos is always overplacable.
  • Ground decos are placed using the rectangle tool.
  • Placing a building on existing ground decos that has a groundTileDecoration specified in JSON will overwrite the existing ground deco.
  • Placing ground decos on a building, no matter the size, will replace all the ground decoration underneath it.

Build Mode Transparency:
A new feature has been added to the build mode that’ll make items turn semi-transparent if you’re building something behind them. This is very helpful, especially if your cities have a lot of skyscrapers like mine do!

Zone Tool Changes:
Many changes and additions have been made to the zone tool, so I’ll list them all here:
  • Zones are now on a separate layer. When you demolish a building that was built on zone marking, the zone will reappear after demolishing the building.
  • The zones tool will not be canceled if it is used over terrain slopes or water tiles.
  • Raising/lowering terrain will remove the existing zone.
  • Placing zones over a building won't update the layer beneath that building.
  • Zones will now ignore flora tiles.
  • Placing the wrong type of building on Zones will remove the existing zone. For example, placing an industrial building on a residential zone will remove the zone.

Demolish Tool Changes:
The demolish tool will now have a rectangle tool, which should make removing unwanted items much easier. There are also two new sub-modes available for removing only zones (hold SHIFT) or ground deco (hold CTRL). Additionally, the demolish tool will only remove pipes and other underground items while in the blueprint view to prevent your buildings from being accidentally destroyed.

New Trees:
Several new tree types have been created for Cytopia, including birch, sakura, and the mysterious thundercloud purple leaf plum. You’ll likely see them added to the game very soon. Expect some colorful forests in the future!


Construction Graphics:
The team is working hard on some new graphics for construction zones, where buildings are built from the ground up. Thanks to RockFort, we now have a tall yellow crane at our disposal.

New Itchio Icon:
We’ve updated our game’s icon on Itchio with our modern logo and a new screenshot that shows off some new features. 

Finished Shoreline Graphics:
To prepare for all of the new terrain types and biomes coming soon, I’ve finally finished making all of the shoreline tiles. Expect to see shorelines and new terrain types soon.

New Music Tracks:
Two new music tracks by MB22 have been created: Vast Horizons and Above the Clouds. Above the Clouds is our new title menu theme, and Vast Horizons is a remake of January’s Theme. Listen to them on our official YouTube channel:

New Page About Magic Pixels:
Thanks to Ercadio, we now have a guide to using magic pixels in Cytopia. Magic pixels allow Cytopia to change the colors of certain items while the game is running. This might be useful for current graphics artists, as well as future modders. You can find the guide here.

Other Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Added a separate road layer.
  • Restyled Doxygen pages.
  • Added implementation to process RGBA colors and convert to HSL.
  • Added implementation to process rectangle, intersections, and interoperate with SDL.
  • Added critical interfaces for the new UI system.
  • Replaced SDL Mixer with libvorbis for decoding .ogg sound files.
  • Interacting with tileselection (like placing a building) unhighlighted the node the mouse cursor was hovering over. Now it stays selected.


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