Dev Blog #18

Hello and welcome to Dev Blog #18! Unfortunately, I had to skip last month because nothing major was added. The developers have been very busy with real-life stuff and they haven't had as much free time recently. Anyway, let me show you what we have done over the past two months!

Blueprint/Pipeview Improvements:
Westrox (one of our devs) is working on improving the blueprint view by showing buildings and roads while you're using it. It'll really help in the future when you're placing pipe infrastructure for your cities.

Improved Bushes:
Although they haven't been added to the map generation yet, I recently worked on improving the look of our bushes. They should be less cartoonish and bright now, which will make them fit into Cytopia's style better.

New Buildings:
Our other graphics artists have been working on making even more skyscrapers, modular buildings, and decorations for Cytopia! However, they haven't been added yet, so you aren't likely to see these in the game anytime soon.


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