Dev Blog #19

Welcome back, everyone! Since the last dev log, we've made a decent chunk of progress on the game, from adding all the new trees, to implementing our new font and cursor.

New Font:
We've been experimenting with some new, more versatile fonts recently. Let us know what you think about it on our Discord server! If you'd like to see this first hand, just update the game through the Itch io launcher.

Updated Main Menu Logo:
I recently updated our main menu logo to something that'll look a bit nicer. If you're wondering what the old one looked like, just take a look at the previous screenshot.

New Cursor:
In addition to the new font and logo, we've also added our own custom cursor. You can see an enlarged picture of them below:

New Trees (Finally):
After such a long time, I finally got around to adding all of Cytopia's new trees. All of them should appear in the flora category, but you might need to use a high resolution to see all of the flora options. In addition to the new trees, I also updated the names of all the previous trees to include their density.

Updated Mushroom and Road Textures:
I recently worked on improving our mushroom and road textures. Mushrooms should now be more colorful, and the dirt/alley roads shouldn't have any major tiling issues.


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