Dev Blog #24

Hello everyone! In this dev blog, I'd like to show off some of the new assets our graphics artists have been working on. This isn't a comprehensive list, it's just an overview of their notable recent work. Enjoy!

Prison Buildings:
Recently, Hadestia donated some of their prison buildings to the project. They include an admissions office, mess halls, busses, cells, and concrete walls. Here are a handful of the assets:
admissionnewComplete.jpg blg_eatery.jpg blg_cell.jpg

Recycling Centers:
Volleyball #0242 and RockFort have created two new recycling buildings for the game. Each creator has their own unique style, and these buildings demonstrate that! Regardless, you can expect to see both versions in the game sometime in the future.
Recyclecenter1.png pub_4x4_recyclingcenter1b_RF.png

Industrial Logging Operation:
In addition to several new factories and skyscrapers, RockFort has also created a set of logging-themed industrial buildings! It includes two wood cutting areas and three shipping ports. He also made some decorative tiles you can use for custom ports. Personally, I can't wait to see these implemented into the game.!
ind_3x3_woodcuttingarea1a_RF.png ind_3x3_woodcuttingarea1b_RF.png ind_3x3_timberport1b_RF.png

French Museum:
Finally, I'd like to show you all an elegant building recreated by RockFort. In the real world, this place serves as a fishing museum for the local area. This will make a great addition to any seaside city in the future!


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