Cytopia v0.2 "The Map Update" Changelog

    Nearly one year in the making, it’s Cytopia version 0.2! This update has been deemed “The Map Update” in reference to the new procedural terrain generation system and the big improvements to grass and water tiles. That’s not all of course. Several new features and additions have made their way into this update as well, including new music tracks, a linetool for roads, camera panning, user interface improvements, and more! In addition, many changes have been made “under the hood,” like multithreading, a regression testing system, log rotation, and the reorganization of Cytopia's code documentation for DoxygenCheck. Visit our itch io and GitHub pages to download v0.2, and check out the changelog below for the full list of changes.

Cytopia v0.2 “The Map Update” Changelog:

-A new 32-bit version of Cytopia has been made for users with older machines
-The new procedural terrain generation system can be used to make new maps with hills, lakes, oceans, and forests
-Roads can now be placed using our new linetool
-The new tile variation system allows buildings to pick a random frame after being placed
-The grass and water tiles have been updated with new textures and variations
-Lots of new buildings, decorations, and trees have been added
-Items can be placed over flora tiles without manually removing them first
-Tiles are now highlighted while placing items
-You can now pan the camera using WASD
-The GUI has been improved with previews for each building and new icons
-The layer system fixes the black void that used to go under buildings
-There is now touch screen support for Windows Tablets
-New music tracks by MB22 have been added to the game
-There is now spatial 3D audio
-There is now Audio playback and track switching
-Cytopia now has multi-language support

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Twitter - @CytopiaGame

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Project Lead / Lead Developer
JimmySnails (Engine, UI, …)
Ercadio (Engine, Unittests)
Cad'ika Orade (Procedural Terrain Generation) 

adct23 (Engine, Audiosystem)
AnotherFoxGuy (BuildSystem, WebSite, Community Manager)
Kollix (TileData Editor)
lizzyd710 (UI, Translator)
Notakas (Engine, Gameplay)
Paragoumba (Engine, Gameplay, Translator)
utilForever (Code Reviews, Consulting)
Westrox (Engine, Gameplay)
Yukyduky (Engine, Gameplay)

Graphics Artists
Kingtut 101 (Lead Artist, Community Manager)
Pineapples Trix
RockFort (Translator)
MaroonShaded (Translator)
Panzerkampfwagen 2 ausf (Junior Graphics Artist)

Sound Design
MB22 (OST, Sound Effects, Ambient Noise)
sqwdmusic (OST)



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