Dev Blog #13

Version 0.2 of Cytopia has been Released:
After nearly one year since the last major version, 0.2 has finally been released! It brings with it a slew of improvements and changes, including new UI icons, better grass and water textures, linetools, and more. Check out the changelog for more info.
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Jimmy Snails back as Project Lead:
Our beloved Jimmy Snails has taken the role of project lead once again. Since then, he has been working on many cool new features, like biomes.

Fixed Emscripten Port:
The online Emscripten port of Cytopia has been fixed and updated. You can play it here if you're interested.

Biomes are finally being added to Cytopia! They are very basic at the moment, as they only support different tree and ground types, but the developers are working hard on improving this. The system is still in its infancy, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, make sure to mention them in our Discord server.
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Bug Fixes and Smaller Improvements:
  • WASD zooming has been fixed. It should now zoom the camera in the correct location.
  • Water and ground tiles now have variations.
  • Buildings now have improved tile highlighting.
  • Deep snow and snowy rock decorations have been made for the future snowy biome.
  • New RCI buildings have been made by Rockfort and Kingtut 101.
  • A bug in tileselection that caused the selection to jump has been fixed.


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