Dev Blog #16

Hello everyone and welcome back to another dev blog! Lately, we've been working on some cool new tiles for the game and we've been discussing how to implement certain gameplay features. Admittedly, things have been a bit slow this month, but we hope to pick things up again soon!

A brand new plant has been made for Cytopia! It's long, green, and handsome. It is none other than the famous bamboo plant! These densely-grouped plants should be added to the game soon, but if you'd like to get an early look at them and their biome, take a look at this video made by me.

Firetrucks and a Fire Department Building
Thanks to RockFort and Matison, we now have a new fire department building, as well as some fire trucks to go along with it! Hopefully, you'll see the fire department building added to the game soon!

Towers and Skyscrapers Galore!:
Throughout this month, our artists have created a variety of tall buildings that'll soon dot your horizons! They come in all shapes and sizes (except for short), and they'll be great tools for making densely-populated cities. Here's a look at one of the new skyscrapers:


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