Dev Blog #6

Another two weeks, another dev blog.  Sorry about this one being late.  I haven't had the ability to write this until now.

Recently, we have started to work on localization for Cytopia!  As of right now, I believe there are quite a few languages being worked on, but I'm sure that the number of languages we'll support will only grow with time.

Ambient Sounds:
Since the last blog, MB22 has made three new ambient sound tracks, which I'm assuming will be played based on your city's size.  Once implimented, they should fill in the gaps of silence between music tracks and make the game feel more alive.

New Organization:
The repository on GitHub has been moved to a new organization, Cytopia Team.

New Ground Decorations and Terrain Types:
I have created a new variant of the dark park for your ground-decorating needs (once that's implimented).  I've also made a few new terrain types, including red sand, soil, and burned ground.

I've also reshaded most of the terrain types to add extra contrast between dark and light parts.

New Flora:
I've remade the original bushes to make them fit in better with the other Cytopian foliage.  They now have tons of new variants, as well as improved shading.  I've also created ferns, a somewhat large and leafy plant that has a bunch of variants for you to use (eventually).

New Category Icons:
I've remade the power, water, and bulldozer icons recently.  They are now in the same visual style as the other icons, and they shouldn't look so out of place now.

Other Graphical News:
As always, the graphic artist team has provided tons of new RCI buildings for Cytopia, including some buildings inspired by Euro Truck Simulator made by yusuf8a684.  I've also added my dark parks to the game, as well as a ton of new decorations, like signs and light poles.  I also made a road road: the highway.  It looks similar to the paved road, but it's darker, has smaller sidewalks, and had a nice dashed line.


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